Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Post about SIP

Contributed by Himanshu Kapila, PM&IR 2010-12

The preparations for S.I.P had started long back with seniors helping us out by giving us gyan on Company, GD, Interview and subjects that could be asked in interview. This was a huge contributor to our success in S.I.P. Our professors also guided us till the last moment.
On the day before the process started, XLRI campus was buzzing with excitement and lot of nervous people were wandering here and there in expectation of the Slot 0 companies’ shortlists. A huge roar went up as one after one the shortlists were put on the notice board of TFEMR hostel and a series of phone calls, hugs and congratulations started. But we were put-off to bed by our seniors as the D-Day arrived and the process had to start early morning. Seniors made sure that we were awake and ready for the process on time. For the first time in my stay at XLRI, XL hostels were full with life so early. People helping each other to get ready, newspaper sites being opened to have a quick glance at current affairs, notes being picked up for just in case preparation. For the next 3 days the same process was carried on and we had to go for GD, team tasks and Interview processes. One thing that was outstanding was the support we got from our seniors. They made sure that we ate at right time and every company detail was made available to the interviewees in advance. They were with us till the time we entered the interview room. “XL culture”rocks.
At the end of the third day, the time came when the results of Slot 0 and Slot 1 companies were declared. With every announcement a loud cheer erupted and when all the results were declared we realized we have been the part of something amazing. In most places people would have started celebrating but we as a batch decided to celebrate only when all would be placed and that moment was not far as in next 36 hours all XLers had once again achieved XLence. That moment when the announcement happened that "Batch of 2010-12" is placed, a huge roar went up and both batches were hugging each other. After that the official announcement of offers were made by Placecomm and the roar was deafening. Then celebrations commenced on the hallowed JLT grounds. Well won't say anything else coz this is XL culture and I don’t want to spoil the surprise for those who would be a part of this soon. You have to be in the moment to feel the experience. Hope we would also be able to continue the tradition.

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