Saturday, August 21, 2010

Salsa Workshop

Written by Urshila Ghag, PMIR 2010-12.

Dracula (Dramatics and Cultural Association) at XLRI organized a Salsa workshop which was conducted by DNAdanceworks. DNA, short for ‘Dorothy and Amit’ worked their magic, along with Rubin and Jon, on XLers at midnight on 9th and 10th August. DNAdanceworks is a Kolkata based company who played the dance wizards for two nights transforming XLers into graceful, glamorous salsa dancers.

Dorothy and Amit have 14 years of experience in teaching various Latin American dances and are also well versed in jazz, hiphop, b-boying and have choreographed for many movies. For two days, everyone learnt salsa moves such as the open break, the comb, the cross body lean and a variety of what came to be called ‘sexy moves’ and heedless of time, everyone danced and twirled into the wee hours of the morning.

With over 60 couples registered, anticipation and excitement ran high. On the second day there was social dancing where the girls went around the room, switching partners. With the spirit of salsa touching everyone present, the scene sizzled with joy, exhilaration and togetherness, another unique example encapsulating what XL culture is all about.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Life at XLRI: Observations, impressions and more….

Here in XL, no two days are same. Each day bring something new to add to yourself, each class shakes up a belief somewhere. Aha-moments et al . What makes the experience amazing is the excellent camaraderie among 600 people strong student body on campus.

Here are two new experiences for you, which capture these emotional upheavals(Please note that I used “experience” very deliberately as XL experiences can’t really be read or narrated;  you gotta just “live” them to understand them!):

Heil XL!