Saturday, November 28, 2009

Summer Internship Process - Coming Full Circle

Slot 0. Slot 1. Slot 2. Slot 3. Rolling. Internship. PPO. Back to XL. Interviews. Slot 0. Slot 1. Slot 2...

This summer, yet another bunch of students will strap their bags on, leave XL and board trains or flights to reach the HQs/branches of the companies where they will intern for approximately two months. A motley bunch- doctors, engineers, accountants, psychologists - most of them will be long past the initial seven days packed with confusion, uncertainty, swearing and the 'Man, it's so frikkin arbit!' feeling of when they sat for their SIP 2010 interviews. I won't have forgotten, nor will have most seniors- after all, this is our second SIP interview process. Once before, we were in the hot seat, overwhelming Small Auditorium with our suits, questions and hopes, cracking smiles when the last thing we wanted to do was to smile, staring straight ahead when we wanted to avoid an over-friendly sympathizer, politely holding back sheer disbelief when someone whom we felt didn't deserve it got a prize placement offer, peering at the brown board covered with SIP 2009 announcements- some new, some old- and asking our friends in one moment of open anxiety, "Yaar, mera ho jaayega na?", trying to hide a pang of jealousy when a close friend gained a better offer than we did, and celebrating with crazed relief, tired out but so, so happy that we were 'signed out of the process'.

This time, we're the seniors - we served, we controlled, we coordinated, we handled the logistics, we formatted CVs and one bunch of us spent sleepless nights to help place the entire batch. Also, the same people who sat in that auditorium, mostly feeling lost, anxious or confused, stepped in to provide Valuable Advice for the juniors; we offered our Excellent Tips on Company Pecking ("No, no, A is always better than B, yaar, kyunki maine suna hai ki last year X who interned there told Y ki..."); we provided our Critical and Comprehensive CV Reviewing Services ("Dude, why don't you put all your Positions of Responsibility in this format? Max shortlists this way, trust me. And remember, tere saare internship details ko aise aam aadmi language mein HI likhna, otherwise recruiters won't understand, machi!"); we bestowed upon them our Sure Shot Interview Academia Primer ("Boss", with a heavy sigh guaranteed to create mass nervousness in juniors, "sabse pehle, jaake dekh ki Theory X aur Theory Y dono mein se which is what... Yeh sab pakka poochenge, PAKKA. DEFinitely coming in UGJIK company's interview, man."); and to top off the line up of services, we added the finishing touch: Our V V Special Tips To Handle Horror GDs and Ace Intimidating Interviews ("Start and finish evvvvery GD. Make your presence felt. Smile confidently and tell the interviewer if you don't know something - he will be hazaar impressed with your straightforwardness.)

Let's face it - SIP is a bit like life. Heck, it IS life, played over on a considerably smaller stage. The defining theme is randomness, of the highest order. And yet we will continue, batch after batch, to believe in such concepts as perfectly made offer-getting CVs (snort!), the correct answer to a company's subjective questions in its form, advice from 93 people to get the better of the Great Pecking Tamasha and a common set of tips to acing GDs and PIs (don't even get me started on this one). It is ironic if nothing else that we invest some much of time and energy in what process is essentially a function of uncertainty. However, things are remarkably different on the other side of the spectrum, and I know how I will feel, come CRP - so less of the sarcasm from me and more from Ground Zero.

I helped a tiny little bit in coordinating some parts of SIP 2010, and my role being much easier than others, I got the chance to observe the play of events inside the audi. I observed, partly curious, sometimes helpless, and sometimes just proud at how my- our- juniors were, for the most part, handling SIP 2010; after all, they were battling the sharpest force of nature - uncertainty. There were those who stood up to the pressure calmly and shrugged off rejects, though they undoubtedly had their quiet moments of worry; those who broke down only to rise again; those who sat friendless, slightly removed from the clutter of people all around, and celebrated solitary and silently when they were placed; those who sailed through the process on the first day but stayed on to cheer, encourage and support their friends and batch-mates. Moments of heartwarming bonding, and moments that made me shake my head. The public nature of this post prevents me from taking names, but some of you absolutely rock, you guys, your friends won't forget how you stood by them. Hats off.

From SIP, last year and this one, I have some observations. Some you may know, others you may recognize, and even disagree with some. One, SIP is and will always be unpredictable, so the hype can be reduced. The Hype is the worst part- nothing creates pressure like the talk. Two, there will always be people who will take it in their stride and people who will break, and the unexpected often occurs. Some build respect for the calm with which they handle the entire process. It's called maturity. No amount of mock anythings will help the breakers and none are needed for the steady rocks, but the majority lies somewhere in between and wholehearted support from a senior batch helps. (Incidentally, I had a wonderful senior student coordinator last year called Meetesh Jha - he kept me from pressing my ever-ready panic button. Trust me, It Helps.) Three, there is life beyond SIP, which it is very easy to forget those seven days. Those who remember and put things in perspective make life easier for themselves.

A good number of people in this junior batch did keep things in perspective. Today, they're all placed for summers. And so next summer, they'll strap their bags on, and leave XL and board trains or flights to reach the HQs/branches of the companies where they will intern for approximately two months. A motley bunch- who started out not knowing where they'd end up, but all of whom made the cut, in the tradition of every batch before them.

Congratulations, Class of '11. Nice work. Rock your summers! :-)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Joy of Giving Week @ XLRI - Part 3

... the concluding clip of the activities during JGW:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Joy of Giving Week @ XLRI - Part 2

Lots of activities and events happening at XL...
This short clip only covers a very thin slice of the events... and - of course - the Part 3 will come soon :0)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joy of Giving Week @ XLRI - Part 1

XLRI Campus is buzzing with the "Joy of Giving Week" celebrations... this video-clip summarises the activities of the first couple of days (Sept 27-28):

Monday, September 28, 2009

Joy of Giving Week | Jamshedpur JoyFest "Nukkad Naatak"

The Dramatics Club of XLRI - DRACULA - performed "Nukkad Naatak" at the Ashiana Gardens and Sun City to spread awareness about the Joy of Giving Week, and about "Vastra Samman"

Joy of Giving Week | Jamshedpur JoyFest "A Day at Old Age Home"

The students of XLRI visited "Nirmal Hrudaya" - an old age home - and spent a joyous afternoon with them... conversations, games, music... and even dance :)

Joy of Giving Week | Jamshedpur JoyFest "Service Before Self" Bike Rally

The Jamshedpur JoyFest to celebrate the Joy of Giving Week flagged off with the "Service-Before-Self" bike rally.

The aim was to spread awareness about the Week in the city, and to share the joy of giving with people.... Bikers travelled across Sonari, Mango, Marine Drive road, Golmuri, Baridih, Birsanagar, Bistupur, Adityapur, Railway Station etc., and distributed clothes on the way...

here is a slideshow...

Friday, August 28, 2009

...the Unfolding of "Joy of Giving Week" - Video-Clips

The Unveiling Ceremony of the "Joy of Giving Week" (Sept 27-Oct 3, '09) was a unique event at XLRI last week. It which brought together the entire Jamshedpur community - the corporates, schools and colleges, NGOs and voluntary organisations, local press, XLRI's students, faculty and staff... - all for a common cause, which everyone felt excited about.

This commitment and excitement is pulpable from the following video-clips..

Fr E Abraham, S.J., Director XLRI - Welcome Speech

Mr AD Baijal, Group Director (Global Minerals), Tata Steel - Inaugural Address

Mr Imtiaz Ali, Film Director and Brand Ambassador of "Joy of Giving Week" - Remarks

Mr Anshu Gupta, Founder Director, GOONJ on "Vastra Samman" initiative

Mr Rana Sinha, Managing Director, Telcon
& President, XLRI Alumni Association, Jamshedpur Chapter

Sr Flavian AC, Principal, Carmel Junior College, Jamshedpur

Mr Amitava Ghosh, Secretary, Kala Mandir, Jamshedpur

Prehaps, the most overwhelming part of the event was when one-by-one, people from the audience stood up and owned "their space" in the Joy of Giving Week...

Expressions of support from the Jamshedpur Community

Friday, August 21, 2009

XLRI Unveils the "Joy of Giving Week"

Last evening, we flagged off the preparations for the Joy of Giving Week (Sept 27-Oct 3,'09)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Independence Day '09 @ XLRI

since pictures say more than words...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

XL over the years.......A reminiscence

Well, recently I was browsing through the file server in XLRI and I came across this brilliant bunch of pics (some of which are on the right side menu).....of XLers from 1970s to the recent past....I thought this should be showcased so that we 'XL'ers- students and alumni alike go back to the good ol' days....the days of which every moment could be cherished for a lifetime.....
So, presenting before you.....'XL- a reminiscence':

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Friday, July 24, 2009

How Defense Officers become XLers....

Over time, XL has grown in size and in diversity - larger batch size, more and different kind of courses... 2 sections of BM and PMIR each, 2 sections of 1-year Executive-MBA, Satellite programs, 6-month Executive Management Prog for Defense Officers... etc. etc...

...and one of the concerns of many who have passed through the portals (when XL used to be a small cosy community) has been:
wouldn't so many diverse people change the very character of XL?

Apparently, it happens the other way round:
There is someting in the 'hava-paani' of XL that transmutates people - even those who come from so many diverse backgrounds!!

... as this short clip, made by the Defense Officers - who came to XL in January, and left in June - shows the transformation... and in just 6 months!!

XLRI! Here I Am!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You know you're at XL when...

You know you're at XL when...

1. There's a 6pm class going on, and at 6-53pm, 97% of junta are busy pinging each other on Facebook to find out whether ANYONE has gone to attend the class.
Often called: MASS BUNK

2. A smiles at B, C reports this to D, who claims to E, F and G that A took B out. E, F and G tell I through P that A and B have been going steady for 6 months. They in turn tell all their friends, who tell their friends, who tell...
Next morning, A finds his Facebook flooded with "Congratulations! When's the Wedding?" questions from 1,479,456 users, most of whom have no idea who A is, but who just want the gossip.
In other words, GRAX.

3. There's no time to eat and even less time to sleep, because work fills all available time (apparently), but there's always time to catch three back to back episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, attend a Drac quiz and bungle it up, and loudly cheer a grainy version of Harry Potter and the HBP in LH 1 until2-30am. And then go back to the room and crib about there being no time to do anything.
Otherwise known as FRAX.

4. It's 3-45 am in the morning, the world is dead to all noise and movement, and inside a whitewashed room, sixteen people are asking at the same time for bread burji, aloo cheese sandwich, gobi aloo cheese paranthas, omelettes, fried maggi, cigarettes and nimbu pani. And they ALL get exactly what they asked for in record time.
The eighth wonder of the world: Bishu-da.

5. The class is in full swing, the prof is asking B for a two-line definition of Motivation; and Q jumps up and explains it in 3765 words, with two diagrams and a chart thrown in, as well multiple pointed references to the textbook authored by the same prof (and still doesn't manage to explain what it is to the class, which has by now fallen asleep with mouths wide open.)
In brief: DCP.

6. Prof asks for the meaning of Transfer Climate- and R begins: "Well, sir, to look at it from a general perspective, I am convinced about the veracity of the definitions given by Roiller and Goldstein, however, to put my own views in a nutshell regarding the subject matter under discussion and throw a clearer light on things as they stand"-
Pure, unadulterated-by-facts, GAS.

7. On July 1st, a deadline of July 15th is declared for a project submission. Till 14th, there is no reponse, only lethargy, inertia- and on 14th night:
At 11:00pm, with a sudden burst of spontaneous energy, people are darting into each other's rooms, asking if anyone else has done it.
By 1:00 am in the morning, mass prayers are being organised and Google worship is under way.
By 3:00 am, 50% of people are in Bishuda's looking like escaped convicts and groaning in acknowlegement of each other.
By 5:00am, 66% give up, put in arbit shit and 4-5 random graphs and hit the sack.
By 7:00am, the last few survivors vow never to postpone work ever again and collapse over laptop.

Next week, another deadline- same story.

XL meri jaan! :-)

- Ramaa Ramesh

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ratanjee Memorial Trophy@XL "Happened"!!

Monsoons are back... and so are the students... the campus is alive, vibrating with activities... once again

Like every year since 2000 - and this was the 10th year - Ratanjee Memorial Trophy happened...

... a (supposedly) sports event... and an amazing way of competing and coming together of the two batches who have known each other for less than a month

here are some pics (generously plagiarised from a postings by Dipti Sharma - Thanks! :0)

But who was Ratanjee? Why this event?

Ratanjee Jha, BTech (Mech), IIT, Guwahati (1995-1999), from Patna, joined in PMIR at XLRI. He had a score of 790/800 in GMAT, but could not go abroad for studies due to financial constraints in the family.

At XLRI also, he consistently ranked among the first five. He was known for his sharp reasoning skills and fast learning ability. His scholastic ability was acknowledged by the institute and was conferred upon by the Jubilee Scholarship. He was also a member of Socrates. Sadly, this bright spark got extinguished midway its journey, when Ratanjee met with a fatal accident during his Summer Internship in 2000. XL, everything has a history behind it... we remember and celebrate those who passed through this portal...

Thanks, Ratanjee!.. for being here... and for having left a legacy behind...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Videos: 1st National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship @ XLRI

Video Presentations by the Resource Persons
for the
1st National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (Jan 31-Feb 1, '09)

Keynote Address
Ms Sushmita Ghosh, President Emeritus, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public


Mr Giridhar S, Azim Premji Foundation

Mr Pravin Mahajan, Janarth

Mr CV Madhukar, Akshara Foundation & PRS India


Ms Chetna Gala Sinha, Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank

Mr Samit Ghosh, Ujjivan

Dr Vijay Mahajan, BASIX


Mr Venkat Changavalli, EMRI

Mr Keerti Bhusan Pradhan, Right to Sight

Dr Joe Madiath, Gram Vikas


Dr Pradip Sarmah, Center for Rural Development

Mr Rajiv Khandelwal, Aajeevika Bureau

Mr Verghese Jacob, Byrraju Foundation


Mr Anshu Gupta, GOONJ

Mr Kirti Prasanna Mishra, MART

Mr Ved Arya, SRIJAN


Ms Aparna Banerjee, Project Sukanya

Dr Vanita Viswanath, Udyogini

... and last one, about an Access-to-Market initiative from one of the Resourse Persons, who could not make it - due to last minute contingencies..

S Shivkumar, ITC E-Choupal